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The Benefits of Bioproducts

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

What are Bioproducts?

Bioproducts, or, biological products, come from biomass. Biomass is any renewable organic material including crops, trees, wood and grasses like bamboo. Such as in the case of bamboo bioproducts, our bioproducts can be made from residual biomass produced during the farming and production of our biomass (bamboo). This can help replace fossil-based materials during our manufacturing process as well as in the end-product we create. We’re committing to sustainably utilising our entire product life cycle - from its agricultural origin to its ability to be renewed - as efficiently and diversely as possible.

According to Vision Hunters:

“Company growth can be driven by capturing new opportunities and generating higher value returns than when using biomass primarily only to produce traditional Forest Industry products”

Read on to learn more about Bioproduct Benefits.

Bioproduct Benefits

Bioproducts provide an alternative to fossil fuels

The bioproducts used in the manufacture of biomass can either complement or become an alternative to fossil-based materials. Essentially, they provide an alternative to the dependency on fossil fuels that can cause several detrimental environmental issues. And to meet our Sustainable Development Goals, we need to encourage this decrease in dependency by building a sustainable bio-based industry, which develops alternative renewable end-products.

Bioproducts provide an environmentally friendly alternative

Companies are responsible for creating environmentally friendly alternatives to meet the needs of the consumer, including alternatives to plastic.

For example:

About 1 billion plastic straws are used worldwide every day. Businesses and governments around the world are trying to change this by banning plastic straws and single-use plastics. But many consumers need an alternative to support this change. So, Bamboo Bioproducts, before processing our bamboo, will use residual twigs and branches to support a Jamaican cottage industry that produces sustainable bamboo straws and stirrers.

Bioproducts are a growing trend offering exciting opportunities

According to Vision Hunters,

“maximizing the utilization of all fractions of wood is the future trend”

There are lots of new opportunities in the bio-based business, therefore more opportunity to maximise the value of side streams. Opportunity to develop side stream bioproducts generates higher revenue while supporting a circular economy – a win-win!

At bamboo bioproducts, are committed to utilising our bamboo raw material as efficiently and diversely as possible. Learn about our sustainability practices and the side-streams of our pulp production process, which allow for the development of bioproducts here.


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