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The Bamboo Straw is the Perfect Eco-Warrior

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

About 1 billion plastic straws are used worldwide every day. Businesses and governments all over the world are trying to change this by banning plastic straws and single use plastics.

Why No To Plastic Straws?

Well, not only will plastic straws outlive you, but they will outlive generations to come. It’s thought that plastic straws take up to 500 years to decompose! Plastic straws are not just dangerous for the environment either. When broken down, they turn into microplastics, which can be consumed by fish and marine creatures, which subsequently enter our food chain.

It’s evident that our planet needs alternative sustainable fibres to survive. So, what can we use instead?

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants on the planet. Some species of bamboo grow as fast as one metre a day. This makes it a very sustainable solution for straw manufacturing. Let’s have a look at some of bamboo’s greatest properties which make it an excellent alternative to plastic...

1. Bamboo is Biodegradable

Bamboo straws biodegrade without producing any nasties in the process. In a world where the daily amount of waste is alarming, using more materials that naturally biodegrade and won’t leave footprints is a necessity.

2. Bamboo is Durable and Strong

Bamboo is durable and robust. This means the straws are appropriate for both hot and cold drinks. Bamboo has no sharp edges either, which makes bamboo straws safe for children to use.

3. Bamboo is Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Bamboo contains a binding agent called ‘Bamboo Kun’ found within its fibres. Its only purpose is to fight off any bacteria or fungus that tries to grow on it. This makes bamboo an extremely hygienic material to use.

4. Bamboo Fights Poverty

This renewable resource has a unique potential in fighting poverty and making development sustainable. This is because it grows locally in some of the world’s poorest communities and provides job opportunities for local communities.

5. Bamboo Straws are Unique

Each straw comes from a different bamboo shoot. This means each straw is unique in its colour and diameter.


So, use your bamboo straw with pride knowing that it contributes to more than helping you sip your beverage.



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sahu rk
sahu rk
06. Juli 2021

Bamboo based fibres are getting multiple uses in garment, fabric, clothing and accessories like in Flatheads shoes, Heelium T shirts and sports socks, bandana. Bamboo granules replacing plastics for the water bottles in Biocraft innovations, Biomize, Zume and bamboo based hankie tissue by Beco are

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