We will farm bamboo from our sustainably managed forests for the resource-efficient production of our pulp. We will produce significant amounts of renewable energy and other biofuel from our residual biomass, which can replace fossil-based raw materials as well. 

Image by Patrick Hendry


At Bamboo Bioproducts, sustainability and responsibility are integral to our practices.


We are committed to utilising our bamboo raw material as efficiently and diversely as possible. Bamboo is a type of biomass material that has great potential as a bio-energy resource.


Prior to processing our bamboo, we will use residual twigs and branches to support a Jamaican cottage industry that produces straws and stirrers. Furthermore, the side-streams of the pulp production process open up a wide variety of opportunities for the extraction, refining and development of new and exciting bioproducts from residual biomass including sludge for cementation and road infill.

Throughout our whole business, we are continually striving for increasing efficiency in terms of the environment, and in terms of resources, raw materials, water and energy. Currently, we are looking toward the future onsite production of biofuel pellets and particleboard from residual bamboo waste. 

Image by Patrick Hendry
Image by Patrick Hendry

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