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Multimillion dollar investment in bamboo production coming to Westmoreland

Article by The Gleaner, March 25 2022

Diane Edwards (President, JAMPRO) shortlists BBP for UAE investors

JAMPRO shortlists six projects for UAE investors, February 21 2022

David Stedeford (CEO, BBP) on Smile Jamaica

David Stedeford talks bamboo on TVJ Smile Jamaica, June 2021

Bamboo & Rattan Update

INBAR share the latest news and activities from the bamboo and rattan sector, June 2021 (BBP feature page 12)

David Stedeford (CEO, BBP) on CVMTV

David Stedeford (CEO of BBP) talks bamboo on CVM Television, June 4 2021

David Stedeford (CEO of BBP) talks bamboo

Nationwide At Five, June 3 2021

Groundbreaking bamboo investment to boost Jamaica’s economy

Article by The Gleaner, May 18 2021

US$296-Million Bamboo Pulp And Paper Mill To Be Established In Westmoreland

Article by Jamaica Information Service, May 13 2021

Ministry explores bamboo an as agricultural crop

Article by Loops News, 12 April 2021

How Jamaica Is Rebuilding Its Economy Using Sustainable Bamboo

Article by Forbes, 31 March 2021

Big boost from bamboo

Article by Jamaica Observer, 12 March 2021

Big boost from bamboo

Reposted article by Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), 12 March 2021

Jamaica set for 'first bamboo pulp mill in Western Hemisphere'

Article by Loop News, 13 March 2021

Westmoreland to get US$300m bamboo pulp factory

Article by The Gleaner, 16 March 2021

BBP CVMTV Appearance

CVM Television, 18 March 2021

Jamaica Set to Operate the First Bamboo Pulp Mill in Western Hemisphere

Article by Caribbean National Weekly (CNW), 19 March 2021