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Bamboo Bioproducts will be the first Bamboo Market Pulp Mill outside of Asia, offering sustainably produced, high-quality bamboo pulp products


Bamboo Bioproducts will be developing pulp grades in close co-operation with our customers to ensure they meet their requirements for fibre characteristics and specific paper properties.

The concept is to farm bamboo on a large scale on a site in Jamaica, harvest on a managed and progressive basis and then process on the same site in a world scale pulp mill using state of the art technology.

The bamboo pulp will be sold to multi-national corporations that produce consumer tissue merchandise. Currently, members of the project are in positive discussions with renowned Global Partners.

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Bamboo is an extraordinary renewable resource with unique values and properties. It grows locally in some of the world’s poorest communities in the tropics and subtropics and is a highly versatile material. Bamboo can produce a vast range of sustainable goods, employment opportunities and ecosystem services.

Our world needs alternative non-wood fibres to survive. We believe our bamboo pulp and bioproducts will help support a circular economy and therefore, a sustainable future.

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Strong international demand for the replacement of traditional tree-based fibres has produced a growing need for the creation of a bamboo sector within wood-based product industries.


Bamboo is classified as a grass and for paper pulping purposes it's considered an annual plant. The physical and chemical characteristics of bamboo fibres allow for them to be used for a much wider variety of tissue and paper products than most other grass pulps.


Other than bamboo, non-wood fibres sources including straw, bagasse and kenaf are not suitable for tissue due to their fibre morphology. Only bamboo satisfies the requirements for tensile and softness. Furthermore, its tissue technical properties are similar to paper grades made from softwood. Pulping conditions are also very similar to eucalyptus. Hence, bamboo is an excellent alternative to hardwood pulp.

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