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We are bamboo bioproducts

At bamboo bioproducts, sustainability is in our nature. We are the first bamboo bioproducts mill producing Bleached Bamboo Sustainable Kraft (BBSK) for the Global consumer tissue and personal hygiene industry.

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Better for Farmers, Better for the Planet

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Sustainability - Driven solutions

Offering sustainably produced bamboo pulp for the consumer tissue and personal hygiene industry

Image by Patrick Hendry

Next Generation Technologies

bioproducts mill concept using best available state of the art technology


Global demand

Bamboo pulp to be sold to multinational corporations.

Why bamboo?

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Restores land

Bamboo is a nature-based solution to restoring degraded and idle land.

Restores land

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Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world that can be regularly harvested, without the need for replanting.


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Combats Climate Change

 Research has demonstrated that bamboo can sequester 160 tonnes of carbon dioxide/hectare pa and generate 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.


climate change

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Supports local communities

We will generate sustainable employment and career opportunities, placing local farm labour in year-round employment and indirectly benefiting many more.

Supports local communities

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