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Grange Hill School visits Bamboo Trial Plots

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Discover what bamboo bioproducts have been up to since our March update, including Grange Hill School's visit to our Bamboo Trial Plots in Westmoreland.

Dear friends of bamboo bioproducts,

Since our March update, we’ve been tracking bamboo growth on our two trial plots in Westmoreland, close to the mill site. Currently, we are prepping a further 15 acres for our third trial plot and will be planting and managing the bamboo, based on the results of the first two.

Bamboo test plots updates
Bamboo Trial Plot 2

Want to learn about the objective of these plots? Read our Bamboo Trial Plots article.

As you know, sustainability and responsibility are integral to our practices, including in our support of local communities. The lack of education and training necessary for earning a sufficient income is a key challenge in many local communities, including ours. So, we are committed to providing various programmes, vocational training and scholarships related to our field to help ensure the benefit of local employment opportunities that Bamboo Bioproducts will bring.

In May, we invited agricultural students from Grange Hill School to track the progress of the bamboo trial plots with us. 25 students from 8th to 13th grade attended together with Errol Stewart, the principal, and two teachers for their first trial plot visit.

Mr Stewart says he is enthusiastic about the project, believing in the benefits for his students and the larger community:

“I am super excited about the value of this project, which will be beneficial to Westmoreland”

In terms of the larger community, he says the project will be valuable, particularly to young persons as it will offer another source of employment.

Some of the students will be tracking the growth of the trial plots as part of their SBA (School-based Assessment). The school is also interested in growing bamboo on their grounds as part of a growth experiment.

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When students arrived, David Stedeford (CEO & Founder, BBP) explained who we are, what we do and why sustainability is a key component of our practices. Kirk Raymond (Supply Chain & Fields Officer, BBP) presented the trial plots, the work we've done, our findings so far and answered any queries from the students. Finally, Herona Thompson (Environmental Management Specialist, Environmental Solutions) answered questions regarding environmental matters.

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The Bamboo Bioproducts Team


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