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Bamboo Trial Plots Commence: Update

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Dear Friends of BBP,

As we informed you in our December update, we had begun preparing to plant our bamboo trial plots close to the selected mill site in Frome, Westmoreland. This was in anticipation of helping to support farmers transitioning their lands to bamboo for future farming, as well as our bamboo farms. We are now happy to announce that this work is thoroughly underway!


The main objective of our bamboo plots is to find the best effective way to grow our selected bamboo species, Bambusa vulgaris var. vulgaris - which is the predominant species of bamboo in Jamaica - sustainably and effectively. The bamboo variety we are farming is a clumping bamboo, which means it is non-invasive. With these bamboo test plots, we will demonstrate that with the appropriate silvicultural techniques - it is possible to predict and control its growth.

Our bamboo trial plots will involve the use of different methods. What we want is to compare various bamboo planting and preparation variations to find out what method ensures optimal results. This means we can ensure our forests, and our farmers' forests, are arranged for the highest yield. Considering that our bamboo will also be sequestering carbon, as it's an effective carbon sink, this is more important than ever.

In March, Kirk Raymond (BBP´s Field & Supply Chain Officer) shared an update on our plots at a Westmoreland community meeting. Later that month, we also had our first growth (sprouting) of bamboo plantlets!

What’s next?

We hope that you continue to engage with us as we move into what is expected to be, a very busy and rewarding year for BBP, our stakeholders, partners and communities.

Please visit our website for more details about our project, and for upcoming project announcements,

the bamboo bioproducts team

Tracktor preparing the fields for Bamboo Bioproducts bamboo trial plots


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