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5 Remarkable Facts about Bamboo

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Leading providers of paper-based consumer products are seeking to reduce their forest fibre footprint over the next few years. Bamboo Bioproducts believe that if we can harness the potential of bamboo, the planet will be closer to achieving its Sustainable Development Goals. Read on to discover 5 remarkable facts about bamboo that demonstrate its unique potential…

1. Bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant

Ready to be harvested annually and sustainably after four to five years, bamboo doesn't wait around! Comparatively, typical hardwood takes many years longer to mature and can be harvested only once.

2. Bamboo is stronger than steel

Bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel. This makes it among the strongest materials on the planet. Plus, bamboo’s versatility means it can be used for a variety of sustainable goods from bamboo bicycles to bamboo buildings. This fact also means that this grass can replace wood for many of its traditional uses. The ability for bamboo to bend but not break is what gives it this unique advantage. So, the plant is particularly useful for structures in areas susceptible to damaging tropical storms.  

3. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial

Bamboo contains a binding agent called ‘Bamboo Kun’ found within its fibres. Its only purpose is to fight off any bacteria or fungus that tries to grow on it. This makes bamboo an extremely hygienic material to use for a range of products including clothing, tissue and paper. 

4. Bamboo fights global warming

One of bamboo’s most amazing characteristics is its ability to fight climate change. Bamboo is said to release over 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide than hardwood trees. In fact, one study has said that on an average, one hectare of bamboo stand absorbs about 17 tonnes of carbon per year. By planting bamboo, we can help restore land degraded by deforestation too. Therefore, the plant offers an outstanding opportunity to replace non-sustainable technologies. Bamboo’s unique properties also mean that it’s a real low carbon alternative to plastic. We told you it was remarkable!

5. Bamboo fights poverty

Bamboo is an extraordinary renewable resource that has a unique potential in fighting poverty and making economic development sustainable. Its fast-growing abilities make it an economical source of material. If managed correctly, bamboo functions as an abundant and rapidly replenished natural resource. As a consequence, it can drastically cut our need to deforest, help save the environment and provide employment opportunities and ecosystem services.


Not that it takes much convincing.... but after reading we hope you can see why bamboo truly is remarkable.



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