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The Latest at Bamboo Bioproducts

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

bamboo bioproducts December '21 Update

Dear Friends of BBP,

As we come to the end of an eventful 2021 for bamboo bioproducts, we wanted to share an update with you on some of our recent milestones. It is our hope that you continue to engage with us as we move into what is expected to be, a very busy and rewarding year for BBP, our stakeholders, partners and communities.

We are happy to share that BBP has secured 350 acres of land in Friendship, Westmoreland which will be used to build the mill complex. The agreement of sale was signed on Friday 10th December, and we are in the process of preparing to plant a bamboo nursery close to the selected mill site in preparation to help support farmers transitioning their lands to bamboo for future farming.

Our team has also grown in numbers and in expertise. Our recent additions consist of Georges Romano (Chief Financial Officer), Saffrey Brown (Community Affairs Advisor), Edmond Marsh (Supply Chain and Logistics Advisor) and Kirk Raymond (Field and Supply Chain Officer).

The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is ready for submission to NEPA. The updates on various components of the assessment, conducted by Environmental Solutions Limited (carried out the Environmental Impact Assessment) and The Leap Co (carried out the Social Impact Assessment) are as follows:


Community Consultation Report completed

Community Open Day held 23rd October

Social Impact Assessment Report completed

Social Impact Management Plan completed


Phase 1 – Project Inception and Stakeholder Mapping of the ESIA complete

Phase 2 & 3 - Received interim report 30th November

Submission of the full draft report to BBP received and undergoing review

Within the coming weeks, we anticipate the following activities:

Submission of the full draft report to NEPA

Submission of the final ESIA report to BBP 28th February 2022

Final presentation of the ESIA to the community which will be carried out by ESL and The Leap Co, at public hearings in January/ February

Studies to be prepared and presented based on World Bank / IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles.

In closing, we would like to wish you the very best for the new year, and look forward to collaborating with you in 2022.

The bamboo bioproducts Team


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